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The Carbonite Sync & Share Application

Need a secure space for storing your valuable digital data? With Carbonite backup and syncing your files is easy and effective. The highly proven data storage service now comes with a range of dedicated synchronization and file sharing applications. In this article we will particularly analyze the Carbonite Sync & Share app, which is now available for any desktop computer, laptop or mobile (iOS or Android).

The Carbonite platform, in general, is dedicated to two basic features – backup and restore. Most importantly, it helps you restore your accidentally deleted or lost files and folders, once they have been backed up to the cloud. When using Carbonite, as with any other trustworthy cloud storage service, your data is always safe in the cloud. It gets encrypted at the very moment it leaves your device.

Carbonite does not provide a free version, but you can test the service using its 30-day trial version. In this article we will not examine the service as a whole. We will only focus on its Sync and Share functionality. But before that, it is worth mentioning that on the web platform users can easily view their backup and synchronization processes via the online dashboard.

What we don't like about the service is that its file upload speeds are not particularly high, and if you have a lot of files to backup, the process may take too much time. Also, the platform is quite complex and unintuitive. That is because it is probably intended for more professional use, not for personal storage.

What we need to say about the Sync & Share application is that you simply cannot go without it if file versioning is important to you and your business.

To install the application, go to the Carbonite website and download it. For mobile it is available in Apple Store and Google Play. Once installed, by default it creates a list of your recent files (the ones you created for the last 30 days) and automatically backs them up to the cloud. Of course, you can manually specify the files and folders this list shall contain. All the changes you make to your files on your multiple devices will be automatically synchronized across all of them.

Users can keep their collaborators and friends up-to-date with the Sync & Share functionality. They can securely share their files via the application. Simply choose a document from the list and click the Share option, and you are good to go.

Once you do that, add your collaborators' email addresses in the field, and they will get an email, inviting them to your files.

As a conclusion, Carbonite is a highly secure backup and synchronization service, which you can rely on any time, but if you are looking for a less expensive and more intuitive platform, we advise you to read the other articles in our blog.

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