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365 Data Centers – the Pay-For-Use Plans are not that Uncommon Anymore

365 Data Centers (365) announced the launching of its new cloud storage service, available for the US market only, for now. 365 Cloud Storage delivers enterprise-class security and controls, self-service provisioning, high security and pay-for-use pricing. It is ideal for databases, large data, file storage, archiving, storage migration, backup and remote disaster recovery.

365 Cloud Storage provides a full set of enterprise-class features:

 - Web-based service provisioning, controls and monitoring
 - Support for both SAN and NAS storage
 - High-end customer support
 - Encryption of data at rest and in flight
 - Built-in data protection through cloning and remote mirroring
 - Scalability to hundreds of terabytes per storage volume
 - Integration with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure environments
 - Pay-for-use pricing as low as 5 cents per GB per month.

Some users believe that on-demand SAN and NAS storage would be the norm for cloud storage offerings, but the truth is far from that. It turns out that most cloud storage providers, even Google, do not offer both options.

365 Data Centers provides secure and reliable collocation and cloud services that offer an easier way to scale business growth and connect to the cloud.
The fortunate US market can already benefit from the service, in contrast with the rest of the world, where 365 still does not offer any coverage. Fingers crossed this will soon change.

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