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The Cubby Security Examined - Part 1

Cubby is mostly a professional use cloud storage platform that gives you 5GB free storage space and up to 25 GB through Cubby's referral schemes. The paid plans offer up to 1 TB of data storage space per five users.

Cubby allows individuals, teams and businesses to easily and securely work together via one common file storage and sharing system. Files are stored in the cloud for anywhere access, shared with others publicly or privately, and directly synced between various devices. To keep company data secure, Cubby provides companies with an easy way to manage users, polices and devices from one central location.

When working in the cloud, it's natural to be a little nervous about safety. Cubby guarantees that it protects your information so your data stays secure. With Cubby your information is never shared with a third party. They protect your data with AES 256-bit client-side encryption. Real-time activity monitoring lets you know what content is being shared, how and with whom, but this information is only available if you pay for a pro plan.

Cubby is actually all about simplicity. When you install the desktop application, you just turn your folders into cubbies and they automatically and securely sync with your web application. You can sync multiple computers and devices all at once. By turning your folders into cubbies, your computer and file structure actually stay intact. You can share documents with anyone, without letting them make changes to your cubbies. Users can collaborate on privately shared cubbies in order to work on the same set of files and access unlimited versions in the archives.

Cubby can be used as a private workspace in the cloud, but also businesses can benefit from it due to the security and manageability they urgently need. Pro plan administrators can centrally manage users' access and permissions with policy management.

Shortly, this is what differentiates Cubby from other data storage platforms. If you like to know more about its features and options, read our next article, dedicated Cubby, where we will examine it in further details.

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