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The Cubby Security Examined - Part 2

To read the first part of our Cubby article, click here:

If you need a reliable cloud storage platform for your business or personal needs, which also provides a high level of security, Cubby is one of the good options on the market. Refer to our previous article for summarized review of its security options.

However, this time we will speak in details. When installed on your desktop device, Cubby creates one big folder for you, called My Cubby, which automatically syncs across your devices. You can use it to store files and folders in the cloud for easy access.

To turn a folder into a cubby, just drag and drop it into the desktop application. This way you do not reorganize or move your stuff.

You can notice, that when you create a cubby through your desktop application, the web version automatically syncs it and it is instantly visible online.

With the cloud on, you'll be able to share cubbies with colleagues and create public links. To see all the options available, simply right click on a file or folder and they will appear. Also, you can click the three line symbol to the rightmost of the folder or file name.

The same options are also available on the desktop application. The Sync option helps you toggle syncing for this computer (on or off). Through the Share option you can share this folder with your friends or collaborates when you enter their email addresses. Unlike other cloud storage spaces, Cubby does not offer sharing through social and other platforms. Only through email invitation. Besides through the desktop app, you can also perform sharing through the web by clicking the Share now option.

Through the Link option you can generate a link that you can provide to your friends so they get a read only access to your folder. This way they can download your files in an instant.

The desktop app has one more option for you. This is the On icon. Using this button the cloud enables linking and online access from and mobile apps. You also have the opportunity to remove folders from being cubbies, this way cleaning space on your file storage platform. This way the folder will be no longer synced or shared through the desktop application.

And since here we primarily talk about safety, we need to say that the client-side encryption is available for all users, regardless of whether they use a paid or a free plan. However, one more security step – the Cubby Locks – user-held encryption keys, is available only for paying users.

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